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Services and Therapies:

Be Rooted offers a range of services and psychological interventions catered for the specific needs of our clients. We offer psychological assessment or single session therapy, psychodynamic counselling, brief (time limited) counselling and future-focused coaching techniques (solution focused, goal setting techniques).

An initial assessment will be offered for all of the services which Be Rooted is able to provide. This is an opportunity for you to start to explore what you are currently experiencing and how this is currently impacting on you and what you would like to achieve. This is a 60/90-minute appointment, this time will be used to assess and understand your difficulties in more detail and then decide collaboratively with you, which type of psychological intervention best suits your needs for the challenges you are facing at this time.

Questionnaires: brief questionnaires will be used to understand your presenting difficulties. These are also used as a way to measure improvement; not only for the therapist, but also for the client(s) to see the progress they have made. These are always given at the beginning and end of treatment.  Risk Assessment: a full risk assessment will be completed by the therapist to ascertain any risk factors and work with you to devise a suitable safety plan .






3 Months

"A Mother's Loss" one to one Coaching

Would you like to heal from the death of you child?


Do you want to feel safe, secure and self confident after loss!

Tired of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious with grief?


Are you masking, numbing, and avoiding your grief? Maybe because your job is quite busy, you can’t help but avoid, but also because you have been trying to fill your life up with anything to feel anything but the grief. Alcohol, work, shopping, Netflix, holidays, family, life is busy, but your grief is SCREAMING to be felt. It’s exhausting and completley draining the life force out of you?

You know that you can’t keep going like this, and your grief is making you feel anxious and so not like you, which is making matters worse. Your boundaries are all over the place, and you feel like you don’t recognise yourself anymore?

Would you like to understand and honour your grief needs, rather than reject and avoid grief.

Would you like to have the tools to self soothe themselves in those particularly difficult moments, or after a trigger. You can support your nervous system during those frantic moments AND during those low and heavy moments.

Would you like to feel less anxious and finally understand why you're feeling this way. You feel less self-critical and more self love which is supporting you through grief.

Would you like to start to feel confident and self assured that you can support yourself through whatever comes your way.

And most importantly, you no longer feel as alone, because you have a community around you who ‘get it’.

How Can Be Rooted help you?

Not sure if "A Mother's Loss" is right for you?

If you tick these 5 points, this course was MADE for you.

  1. You’re a woman who has lost a child in your life, and you are not feeling safe, supported and confident and now you’re feeling lost without them?

  2. You are overwhelmed by grief and are experiencing a lot of trauma responses?

  3. You feel anxious, and not like yourself?

  4. You’re open to mind and body work?

  5. You’re ready to find a new way forward with your grief that doesn’t avoid avoidance?

If you want "yes" then book a free discovery call with me?

A Mothers Loss coaching and therapeutic package is a 3 month program that is aimed at mothers who have lost a child, from miscarriage, stillborn, SIDS, suicide or other areas.

There will be weekly video calls and homework to help support you in your grief.

Book a free discovery call with me today, to explore your needs. Payment plans are available.


*  Payments for treatments sessions will be invoiced before the appointment. These can be paid on here or bank transfer. 

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