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Grief counsellor


Experienced. Supportive. Qualified.

Bit about me:

Long before becoming a counsellor/coach and social worker I experienced lot's of different life event's and the one that impacted on my world view on life was from my own experience of grief and loss. 


When I was at the age of 16 I became pregnant with my son, looking back I was still a child having a child. I was not prepared for what would come next. 

When my son was born he appeared healthy like a usual healthy Newborn baby. However, over the next 11 weeks after his birth he deteriorated and was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia.  My son died at the tender age of 11 weeks old. There are no words that can express the grief and pain that I felt at the time and how it impacted me in most areas of my life.


My whole earth shattered and I was alone in my grief for years. I would put a mask on daily but at the time it served me well. I could function in life but I wasn’t okay, I was lost.

Over time I worked with a grief specialist who was able to help me to process the trauma, as it was trauma what I experienced at the time. It was so complex and there was other worries due to my tender age of only 17 when my son died.

This was not my only experience of grief and loss I also went on the have 3 miscarriages, which did impact on my emotional health at the time. However, I had lots of hope still within my soul and this kept me going through the pain! 


Moving forward to 2004 I moved to Cornwall made a happy life and eventually processed my grief but the grief and the memories never go but for me it changed over time. Life became healthy and I was able to reflect without feeling angry or bitter I came to accept my life and happiness in living in the moment and taking each day at a time.


Over the next 10 years I did an array of counselling courses from certificates, diploma and my degree in counselling and I have a Masters in social work. My therapeutic approach and training is integrative and I cater to the need of each client.  I have previously worked for a bereavement charity for several year's as a one to one counsellor. I retrained as a social worker in 2015 and worked with the local authority until 2021, I then moved  to specialise working  with children that have poor emotional health. Therefore, I have a diverse range of experiences and I am able to support adults and children that have poor mental health or I can work with a parent that is struggling to feel empowered to set boundaries with their child.

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